Curls Unleashed: Set It Off! Curl Boosting Jelly

Back when my hair was relaxed, I used to use the Organic Root Stimulator range for my hair all the time as I thought their products were brilliant, so I was so excited  to find out that they were releasing a new collection for natural hair!

The collection is available for the different types of natural hair, ranging between type 2 hair (wavy hair) up to type 4c (very kinky hair). I’m still quite new to this so I’m not sure where my hair lies; I think it’s between 4a and 4b.
I decided to purchase the Set It Off! Curl Boosting Jelly as I normally like to wear my hair out, with defined curls.

Curls Unleashed™ Set it Off™ Curl Boosting Jelly is made with soothing
aloe vera, wheat protein, vitamin B and other ingredients to help give
you gorgeous, “crunchless” curl definition.

 This product helps eliminate frizz without making your hair feel hard or
crunchy. Great for all types of hair. This product is free of SD
alcohol, parabens & mineral oil. Packaging is BPA free and
The texture is of a gel-like consistency with a strong grape scent. It also has a deep purple colour, however it goes clear once used on the hair. What I like about this jelly is that it does not make my hair crunchy when it dries; something that I hate! It’s also very moisturising and doesn’t weigh down on my hair.
 I would normally put my hair in twists overnight using the jelly and then undo them in the morning – so far, I’ve woken up to lovely, moisturised curls that hold for the whole day. 
 Here is the end result! Shiny, glossy curls. 🙂

Have you used any of these products yet?

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