Garnier Moisture Match: Goodbye Dry

I swear, I am such an advertisers’ DREAM.
I saw the billboards and advertisements for Garnier’s new Moisture Match and I literally went out to buy it the next day! The Moisture Match face creams come in five tailor-made formulas which protect and moisturise your skin according to it’s type.
Goodbye Dry – for dry skin
Start Afresh – for normal/dry skin
Protect & Glow – for normal skin
Shine Be Gone – for oily skin
Wake Me Up – for dull skin

First off, I’ll say that I absolutely adore the packaging and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to try the product; throw some pretty, pastel colours at me and I’m all yours! I bought Goodbye Dry, which is tailored for dry skin. Here is what Garnier say:

Created with nourishing but ultra-light oils, it’s texture is rich but not greasy. This moisturiser gives you the comfort you need in a flash, without feeling heavy on your skin.

The texture of the cream is thankfully, not greasy at all despite being quite light. Enriched with ingredients such as Camellia Oil, Omega 3 and 6 and Shea Butter (because you know I had to check to see whether it contained my fave butter!), the formula sinks in effortlessly when rubbed into the skin. I also put this on before I put on my foundation and found that it gives my skin a flawless, hydrated and supple surface on which to apply makeup.
I will admit to being a “bit” of a skincare snob; I rarely buy facial skincare from high street shops as I’ve found in the past that they’ve never fulfilled any of my skin’s needs; however Garnier may have just converted me as it leaves my skin ultra hydrated! For £5.99 a pop, I’ll definitely be stocking up on this gem.
Available in Boots and Superdrug.

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