Thar' be Changes Afoot!

This is just a quick one really – in the coming weeks/months, I shall be switching up my blog a little bit; mainly to include more lifestyle posts such as food, travel, photography, randoms etc.
I’ve found over the past 5 months or so that it gets harder and harder for me to think of beauty topics to write and to be honest, a bit of the fun has gone out of it for me. It seems like review after review; a bit of diversity needs to be injected into this place!
This isn’t to say that I will be no longer blogging about beauty – I still love it, however it won’t be the be all and end all of this here blog. I shall be injecting a lot more of my personality into my writing as I’ve found that it tends to get lost within all the reviews and wanting to sound professional and ting. 
So yeah, that’s about it really! I hope you guys will enjoy the new additions and any comments/suggestions will be most welcome!

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