The Ever Infamous Ben Nye Banana Powder

Everybody within the beauty community has heard of the infamous Ben Nye Banana powder; the translucent face powder fast becoming the beauty belle du jour after being featured on an episode of The Kardashians.
Now I’m not particularly fond of the Kardashians, however the product caught my attention when I started seeing how effective it was in setting under-eye concealers, especially on darker skintones. 

As you can see, my widdle buddy Gato beautifully demonstrates the amazing effects of the ben nye powder on her face ^_^
Although light yellow in colour, the finely milled powder applies on quite clear and helps set and highlight the cheekbones and under the eyes. I am predominantly using the powder to help set my concealer under the eyes. I use a powder brush to apply (you only need a little when it comes to this powder as it’s loose so you’ll need to shake off the excess) and gently pat it under my eyes. The end result leaves me with a silky matte flawless finish.
Please excuse my skin; the weather in NY is currently up and down and it’s breaking my skin out! I’ve used the powder a few times now and I quite like it. I’m not really used to using highlighting powders so I’m going to try it out a few more times to see how I can use it. As it has a slight yellow tinge which gives it its’ highlighting properties, I wouldn’t use it all over my face. Compared to other more expensive translucent powders, I think this one is excellent given the price. I found this 3 oz tub for $11.99 at Ricky’s Makeup store which probably translates to around £7.00 which is awesome!. 
You can also purchase the 3 oz powder online at the Guru Makeup Emporium for £7.50. You can also get a 3g sample on Amazon for a paaaand!
Have you tried the Ben Nye Banana Powder? 
What do you think?

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