I myself love reading a good sunday/weekend post on blogs, so I thought I would introduce a new segment into my blog where I can ramble on about goings-on of the week and all that jazz. I’m going to try and maintain this segment as Lord knows how many different segments have been left abandoned on this here blog.

Chickadee: A new homeware store has opened within my hometown of Croydon (they are building a third Westfield there, so they are really making an effort to try and tart up the town centre!) named Chickadee. There are only two other stores in the country and they are both located deep within Surrey, which is why they don’t have a proper website yet I guess. Anyhoo, this place is my new wonderland. It’s an amazing store full of shabby chic furniture and ornaments, candles, stationary and chocolate and I managed to grab a couple of items from there; including the rather awesome “Amazing Ideas I had Whilst Drunk” notebook and the rather pinterest’y looking Apple Pie, Cinnamon and Vanilla Mason Jar Candle.


They have such a beautiful and diverse range of candles so if you’re ever within the area, I’d recommend you go in and take a look around!

iPhone Muggings: If you don’t already know (which most of you may do as i’ve been harpering on about it all damn week), I was robbed on Tuesday at knifepoint while on the way to work (infront of a bus stop full of people who did nothing btw) which ended up with the assailant taking my iPhone. Which was uninsured. *le sigh*. In the grand scheme of things, I’m glad that I wasn’t hurt and that it was only my iPhone that he took (btw, thank God for iCloud and iTunes. All my stuff was backed up), but it’s shaken me up quite a bit and this incident has only my motivation for learning to drive stronger. I luckily have a new iPhone 4S now, thanks to an awesome Twitter hookup and I managed to survive the whole palava with my edges unscathed. All is now right with the world.

What I’m watching: Scandal | Revenge | American Dad
What I’m listening to: Janelle Monae – Electric Lady Album
What I’m wearing: Loads of plum and burgundy lip colours; especially “Rebel” by MAC. 
Happy Sunday!

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