Sprinkle a little "Gorgeousness" Into your routine with the 118118 Beauty Pass!

Guys. Dudes. People. Y’all.

Did you know that 11 out of 9 women have never visited a spa for a pampering treatment?!

Ok I kid. Ridiculous statistic aside, I, as well as many other women have never been to visit a spa or or have set aside time to get some much needed pampering done. With me, I know it’s because I normally don’t have the time to fit them in and secondly; the cost of such procedures. What with Christmas and the New Year coming up (bills!), saving money has never been so important; however saving pennies doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut back on your pampering luxuries and this is where 118118 Beauty comes in.

118 118 Beauty have recently launched their beauty pass, which gives users up to 50% off at spas and salons across London and already, over 300 salons and spas have joined the scheme!
Whether you feel like having a wash and dye, a fish pedicure, eyebrow waxing, acupuncture or a full body wrap, the beauty pass covers it all and it’s also a great way to be introduced to new treatments and products available.

The beauty pass is available to buy NOW for £79.99 for a years’ subscription, however you can buy the pass for a discounted £29.99 (a saving of £50!) if you enter the code ‘nerdabouttown1’ at the checkout and start booking those pampering sessions.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the 118 118 beauty website now  and get to saving!

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