5 Years.


My blog is officially five years old today.

Crazy huh?! I honestly cannot believe that I’ve been blogging for this long. During this time, I’ve seen my blog go through so many changes, aesthetically as well as content-wise, and there have been many a time where I’ve wanted to pack it all in and dispose of the blog altogether.

During the last five years, we’ve seen the huge increase in blogs from all disciplines and how social media made it incredibly easy for us to get in touch with, and have more access to our favourite brands and companies. Back when I started blogging, I could only count on both hands how many beauty blogs I had seen floating around the web, now there are millions. It’s been so amazing to be a part of this community, regardless of its’ ups and downs as it’s given me an opportunity to share and interact with you guys in a way that I thought I never could before.
Blogging has introduced me to so many awesome opportunities, but most importantly, it’s allowed me to come into contact and make friends with some amazing people and I’m ever so thankful for that.

There are so many improvements that Nerd About Town could benefit from and while I can’t promise that I’ll be blogging for the next five years, I really want to put my all into making this blog bigger, better and more accessible. During the last year, I admit I did lose my way a bit content wise. I became lazy and noticed that I kept posting up the same sort of content; content that I didn’t really put much effort into in a bit to just “get something up that week.”
2014 is a chance for me to breathe life into this here blog and I just want to say and absolutely huge thank you to you guys, old and new, who have stuck by me, through all my complaining and rants and whatnot. I know my blog is not the creme de la creme of the blogging crop, but this year I plan to put my all into it, so look out for some hopefully exciting posts this year – I ain’t through with you guys yet!


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