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So I’ve been wearing prescriptive glasses since the age of 11 as I’m quite short-sighted and since that age, I’ve always had to stick to a certain style of lens; one that would suit my round face. That was until the age of 16 when I became obsessed with novelty sunglasses and prescriptive lenses that came in all shapes and sizes, face shape be damned (YOLO).When MyOptique  got in contact with me to review some glasses from the new Metropolitan Collection, I jumped at the chance.

I opted for a pair of prescriptive Jubilee* frames from the autumn/winter collection which celebrates all the iconic Underground stations and lines within London. I chose these frames as it’s a frame style I’ve never tried; obviously I was a bit anxious as to the fitting but once they came, I found that the prescription was perfect and the fitting was pretty good too. I’m still getting used to how they sit on my face, however I think that once I lose a bit more weight, it should sit a bit better.

I love the slight cat-eye shape of the frames and it makes me wish that I’d opted for the Babs instead! They are extremely comfortable and I did not need to adjust the arms at all as they are pretty sturdy. They come in a gorgeous high quality leather brown case (that looks all so regal) with a wipe-cloth and the actual lenses are pretty thin, which is a positive for me seeing as I’m short sighted – don’t wanna look like i’m wearing milk bottle caps!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the durability and style of the lens and while I don’t necessarily think they suit my face shape right now, once I lose a bit of weight, I reckon it’ll look awesome. For £79, you can’t go wrong at all!

Ever the generous bunch, the guys at My Optique are giving you guys the chance to win a pair of London Retro glasses! Just complete the details below, making sure to “like” the Optique page and post on their wall “Enter Nerd About Town’s Giveaway”  for a chance to win!

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