Black on Black on Black


Although I’m slowly introducing colour and patterns into my wardrobe, sometimes I do like to retreat back into my comfort zone of all black everything. I likes to play it safe sometimes depending on how I feel, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling kinda down so it’s been a black affair lately. Also, can I quickly just draw your attention to these Primark jeans?! PRIMARK.
Dude. The last time I bought jeans from Primark was back in 2011. I normally tended to stay away from their jean section as the inner thigh area would eventually give way and disintegrate – normally within about a week of wearing them (#TeamThunderThighs). I’ve had these jeans for 3 months now and near enough wear them everyday, waiting for the tell tale signs off inner thigh splittage (you know, the fraying of the denim, the sudden random waft of air you feel on the naked section of thigh), however it hasn’t even faded yet. Now I don’t know if they have started reinforcing their denim, but kudos to Primark for upping the quality on their jeans!
Necklace – Primark / Scalloped top – Past season Forever 21+ / Jeans – Primark / Cut out Boots – / Biker jacket – New Look

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