Tazmanian Devil

Like most people, I’m often guilty of making sporadic purchases, mostly featuring items that look awesome on the hanger, but would never see the light of day. I literally have a drawer full of unworn and unloved clothes and so I thought, instead of letting them collect moth balls in the back of my closet, let me style a few of them together – It’ll make me feel better knowing that I’ve worn them at LEAST once.



The reason for the title of this post (and the reason why I would NEVER wear this outfit outside of the house) is because of the crop top. Now, I found this in Primark and on the hanger (and on the mannequin), it looked awesome. However when on me, the pattern of the top greatly exaggerates the boobage, so it looks like i’m shaped like the Tasmanian devil/upside down Dorito and that’s a big no bueno for me.

The leather dungaree dress is also from Primark (last year’s collection, similar here) and to be truthful, I have worn this out once before and it was to a work ‘do. Now there’s nothing specifically wrong about the dress per say; In fact I like the flared out skirt as it’s flattering to the tummy. It’s just a wee bit too short for me. Although I guess I would style it with tights or something in the winter. 

What do you guys think? 

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