Kelly Brook for New Look Matte Nail Polish Set

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There are so many different textures of nail polish these days, it’s hard to keep up! For now, I’m kind of obsessed with the whole matte thing, but I’ve found that it’s so hard to find a matte texture that actually goes on smoothly. 

So while in New Look the other week with Hollie, I came across this pretty matte threesome and decided to check it out. I’m all about muted neons at the moment; I think they look awesome with sandals. 


As you can see, the application is wonderful; none of the standard lumps and bumps you can tend to get with other drying, matte formulas. The photos above show the nail with two applications; pretty opaque right? I especially loooooooooooooooooooove the purple one; it’s gorgeous! The orange shade would look gorgeous on the beach too. Overall I’m very pleased with the textures of these polishes. Well done New Look!

Kelly Brook Coral, Green and Purple nail polish set | £4.99 | New Look

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