"Stripped Back" with NARS.


I take my hat off to all the ladies out there who are able to put on a full face of makeup everyday in this heat, because Lord knows I never could. Not gonna lie; I detest London in the Summer, with our prickly, humid heat and the London Underground being hotter than Satan’s nut sack and all that. I especially hate the situations when you get on the tube, makeup looking raggedy and sticky and you get the horrid feeling that everyone within the tube car is staring at your melted, gooey face. Ew.

After what has seemed like several thousand years, I have finally been able to get my mitts on a tinted moisturiser that…..wait for it…..ACTUALLY COMES IN MY SKIN TONE *shockhorrorgasp!* 
Forgive my exaggeration, but these days you’ll have a better chance of seeing Gaga in flat shoes than spotting darker shaded tinted moisturisers. 

I’ve switched from my normal foundation to the NARS Tinted Moisturiser in ‘Polynesia’, which happens to be the darkest shade out of the collection. Thank God it’s an oil-free moisturiser as I normally like to put on a hydrating primer underneath and that would just be too much grease for one face to take! So far it hasn’t done me wrong; it’s exceptionally light, which is great but still provides some slight coverage. It’s SPF of 30 is also great in combating the rays during these Summer months. 

I’ve taken to marrying up the moisturiser with this gorgeous nifty little blush also by NARS called ‘Taos’ (my NARS collection is building up guise). It’s a warm toned, burnt rose shade with a subtle golden shimmer. It. Is. INCREDIBLY. Pigmented. Srsly guise. A MINUTE amount goes a long way, so it’s important not to be too heavy handed with it. It looks stunning when it catches the sun too – amazing on dark skin!

Apologies for the bigger photo below – I was sweating up a storm and it made my skin oily. 🙁 

YAS 033

Along with these two, I put on a slick of eyeliner, mascara and maybe a pop of colour on the lips and I’m good to go! I try not to over-complicate my routine in summer, otherwise I’ll end up looking like Marge Simpson in that inafamous episode of the Simpsons #MakeupGun. Speaking of Marge Simpson and makeup…you know what? In fact, I’ll save that for another post. All I’ll say is “NO BUENO”. 

Do you switch up your routine during Summer?

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