Getting my Bronze on with The Body Shop's Shimmer Waves.

Summer is officially over *sheds a tear*. The sun has gone home (to wherever it lives..that didn’t even make ANY sense) and the wind, clouds and rain have set up shop. We may be in the midst of Autumn, however that hasn’t stopped me from getting my bronze on every now and then. Now, I’ve never really been one to wear bronze; only because I assumed from afar that being dark skinned, it’ll never show on me, so what’s the point? However, I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves brick in 01 Bronze for a few weeks now, and it’s totally changed my mind regarding le bronzing.
Now I’ve always found the horizontal pattern of these bronzers aesthetically pleasing; you get 8.5 grams of product, which is pretty awesome since you only really need a light sweeping of this for full coverage. Within the compact, we have three bronzers and two different highlighters; one yellow and one pink. I’m grateful for this, as my skin tone lends towards a more pink undertone. 
The three bronzers included are brown, copper and gold in tone and are well pigmented, without being chalky in texture. Although I can’t really use each shade individually (because fat fingers), I’ve taken to using the brown and copper tones together across my cheekbones *or where my cheekbones are supposed to be, yikes* and I use the pink shimmer highlighter near my eyes, across the top of the cheekbones. I find that it leaves a lovely shimmer without being glittery, and that it really compliments the red undertones to my skin, adding a glowing warmth. 
These shades can also be foiled (used when wet) if you’re into something a bit more intense for say, an evening event. I’m definitely impressed with this and have been using it on a near daily basis. The compact also comes as a blusher, as well as a coral blusher and can also be used interchangeably or altogether. 
The Body Shop Shimmer Waves* | £16.00 | 

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