Hint Huntin' in 'Japan' with Liverpool Victoria & Joe Blogs!

How many of us sat in front of out TV screens back in the day watching The Crystal Maze/Fort Boyard/Finders Keepers and thinking to ourselves “THAT NEEDS TO BE ME ON THERE!”? Well, now you can play Colombo with Hint Hunt ,a live action escape game where the ultimate goal is to escape the room you’re locked in within 60 minutes. Me and a few other bloggers were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the game by the lovely folks over at Joe Blogs  and Liverpool Victoria (LV=).

So let me quickly explain the premise of the game; I won’t give too much away as the actual details (and photos) are top secret as not to reveal any clues. You have a bunch of hidden rooms which are split into two themes; the Japanese themed Zen room (which we were in) and JM’s Office. Within these rooms, are a plethora of puzzles and bits and bobs that you’d need to find and solve in order to be able to leave the room within the allocated time. Before entering the room, you’re given very very vague instructions, with a couple being to ‘not be afraid of making a mess’ and ‘keep your eyes open at everything’. 

I was in a group with Tom, Jessica and Olivia otherwise known as ‘TEAM EPIC’ (we really were), and we managed to escape the room with about 14 seconds to spare, give or take. Let me tell you guys something…these puzzles are HARD. I had the most amazing time and we were all buzzing by the time we left! It’s amazing how quickly you bond as a team as soon as you get into the room; team work and communication is incredibly important, which is why the recommended group size for these games are between 3-5 people per room. Don’t get me wrong, you could go along with a date, however it’s a game that’ll definitely need at least another 2 pairs of eyes and besides, there is CCTV so any hanky panky would be off limits anyway LOL. 

Overall, I had such an incredible time and I’m positively itching to go back and see what’s in the other themed room! It’s a great game for corporate team building, as well as a lovely day out for the family and would appeal to kids, right through to grandparents. Take a look at the LV= blog to find out more about our day, and other fun family days out that can be had in good ole’ London town. 

Location: 72-76 Eversholt Street, Euston (literally around the corner from Euston staton).
Price: It starts at £17 per person depending on group size!

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