#BareFacedOrBold Challenge: Bare x 3

Hi guys! So at the moment I am participating in the #BareFacedOrBold challenge in collaboration with Westfield in which I have to create three bold and three bare colour schemes using the eye palettes provided. In this case, I was kindly sent the KIKO Eyeshadow Clic System featuring shades that cater to both looks, however unfortunately due to my eyes acting up and breaking out in a rash, I haven’t been able to create the ‘look’ on my face (wah!). Instead, I’ll be showing you some colour swatches of shades that I feel embody both bold and bare looks. 
Today we have three ‘bare’ swatches:
westf 021
First up we have this soft, almost ethereal colour scheme using infinity eye colours from the KIKO palette. From left to right: Coral Rose, Light Taupe and Gold. I would use the coral rose as my main colour across the lid, adding the taupe to the inner eye and perhaps a cut crease, finishing off toward the outer eye with the gold. 
Next we have shadows in Sparking Dahlia Rose and Gold. In the photos, Dahlia Rose looks almost identical to Taupe, but I assure you they aren’t; Dahlia is a gorgeous powdery almost nude-pink that I think would look great with a subtle shimmer of the gold on top; because a bare look can always be tarted up :).
Lastly we have Papaya and Dahlia Rose. The good thing about this shade is that you can build up the coverage, from extremely pale, to full on colour. In this instance, I would use Dahlia in the inner eye, slowly blending it towards the outer eye with Papaya.
Stay tuned for the next three days as I show my bold colour combos!
KIKO @ Westfield // Online

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