STYLE | The Prom Skirt

Yes, I still continue to wear crop tops and skirts in Winter, because why not? For some reason, I never really get that cold while outside during the frosty months (however I end up freezing while inside without the heating on – strange!), so in turn this allows me to still dress like it’s 30 degrees and somehow get away with it. This Scarlett & Jo Floral Prom Skirt has been on my wishlist for the last 3 months (and is currently on sale) and I absolutely adore it!

I feel like an extra in some cheesy 70’s high school B-movie and I’m digging it. The skirt has a black elasticated band at the top which is amazing for holding everything in, as well as a light mesh petticoat underneath the skirt which gives it a bit of flare. 
I combined the skirt + crop top with this chunky knit cardigan from Simply Be which is incredibly warm and VERY soft!

Crop Top // Primark (similar here)
Platform heels (worn with socks) // Simply Be
Cardigan // Simply Be
Bowler bag // Vintage

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