Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

Happy Sunday people! I thought today I would share with you a short review and my thoughts about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer (£5.00). Now, I’ve never been much of a primer person myself; infact I think I own only one more apart from this; however I’m gradually beginning to appreciate the value of having a good pre-base, base in order to achieve a flawless look. 
As part of my Makeup Revolution haul earlier in the year, I decided to pop the primer in my basket as I had heard good things about it. For a fiver, you get 25 ml of product; although £5 for a primer is amazing, it’s still one of the pricier items within Makeup Revolution’s collection but like I said; you can’t really go wrong for a fiver. I have to assume that this is a general use primer as it doesn’t specify skin type or finish. As I have an oily T-Zone, I’d normally tend to go for a mattifying primer so it would have been handy if there was a small indication on the bottle as to what skin types this would be good for. 
The primer is clear in colour and has a silicone feel to it without being greasy. I apply a small blob to areas such as my chin, bridge of my nose and forehead and it blends in well, leaving no residue. I then apply my foundation and the rest of my makeup. The result? Although the finish isn’t exactly perfect, the primer gives me a much better base to work off of and I find that it does make my foundation pretty matte and long lasting, which is awesome. 
Makeup Revolution also claim that the primer increases the wear time, allowing foundation to ‘last all day’; I have tested this theory and while my foundation did not last 24 hours, it stood pretty firm in the good 7-8 hours that I had it on. As far as primers go, this one does improve the overall look of my makeup – it creates a lovely smooth base to work off of and has subtle mattifying properties that keep makeup in place all day. All this…for £5. I mean, you really can’t go wrong! This is definitely getting re-purchased. 
What are your favourite primers?

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