Rediscovering Lush Cosmetics!

Lush_ProductsI used to work at my local Lush Cosmetics store about 10 years ago as a weekend job and I absolutely loved it; coming home smelling of pastries and sugar, giving demonstrations and best of all finding out about these beautiful, natural skincare products and cosmetics that were also fun to use! Fast forward 10 years later and I can honestly say that since starting my blog, I haven’t kept on top of my Lush purchasing game as I used to, due to the influx of natural and organic products currently available on the market. The other day while having a little shop around the city centre, I decided to pop into Lush and see what new treats they had to offer. I decided to pick up some new items as well as some classic favourites!
Ultrabland Facial Cleanser || 45g || £7.25
I remember using this cleanser all the time back in the day and it used to make my skin feel amazing; it’s a travesty that I ever stopped buying this in the first place! Ultrabland is a very simple ‘cold cream’-esque type of cleanser which feeds oil back into the skin after washing. The main ingredients include rosewater, honey, beeswax and almond oil and it feels so cool and lovely on the skin. I normally leave this on for about a minute, then wash off with a cotton wool pad. The scent is pretty strong; you can really smell the raw honey and that may be off-putting to some, but you get accustomed to it the more you use it. Great for dehydrated and oily skin alike!
Ambrosia Shaving Cream ||100g || £4.95
I normally don’t use shaving cream when shaving my legs as I used to see it as an unnecessary step, however I recently read an article talking about how nice and smooth creams make the legs after shaving and decided to take the plunge and buy this one. This shaving cream contains a whole host of great ingredients including cocoa butter, jojoba oil, oat milk, chamomile blue oil and honey water which helps to calm and protect the skin and prevent that “dragging” feeling you sometimes get with shaving. It smells beautiful also!
Mint Julips Lip Scrub || 25g || £5.50
“£5.50 for a lip scrub? When you can make it at home with sugar and olive oil for nothing?!” I know, I know, but I really am in love with this scrub; first off it smells like an Aero bar and anything that smells like chocolate is a win for me. It contains peppermint oil, jojoba oil and caster sugar and it always takes everything in me not to sick/eat it after I finish scrubbing. If you don’t feel like making your own, this is a great natural alternative for buffing away the flaky skin.
Yuzu & Cocoa Bath Melt || £3.65 ||
Gosh, I go back into Lush and find that they have released LOADS of bath bombs, melts and butters! It took some time but I decided to go for the Yuzu bath melt as it contained one of my favourite ingredients; cocoa. Along with that, it also contains avocado (how’d they do that?!), banana, grapefruit and bergamot oil, shea butter and crème of tartar and while it doesn’t make a show and dance of it in the tubs like other bombs, it’s moisturising properties are amazing. I normally moisturise with a butter after bathing, however I found that I didn’t really need to do that much after bathing as my skin felt really hydrated!
I’m definitely going to be popping into Lush more to see what else they have in stock. I also hear that the Oxford St branch have exclusives in stock so I’ll be taking a trip down there soon!

What products have you recently bought from Lush? Any faves?

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