STYLE | All Blurred Out

ASOS 2 I wish I could say that I had intended for this photos to purposely come out blurry; how I wish. However the truth behind the pics is a lot less creative; basically my boyfriend didn’t know that he had to press and hold the camera button in order for the lens to focus and thus all the photos (save a few) came out blurred AF and a tad far away. I thought I’d use them regardless however as I would have hated to have taken ’em for no reason! ASOS 3
Apologies and boyfriend-blaming aside (hehe), in keeping with my whole ‘Autumnal Wednesday Adams’ theme that I seem to be going through at the moment, I thought I’d pick up this ASOS Curve Lace Up Skater Dress; the lace up details brings a bit of the 70’s vibe into the dress and I’ve always been a fan of the good ole’ fit and flare fit!
ASOS 4asos 5

Dress – ASOS Curve // Boots – Primark (similar)

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