The Elomi Imogen Minimizer Bra – Review

Elomi Imogen Bra Review

I’ve always loved a good ole’ Elomi bra; about 80% of my bra collection are made up of the brand as I’ve always been a huge fan of their broad range of styles and the excellent support they give and so today I’ll be sharing with you my review of the Elomi Imogen Underwire Minimizer Bra, available from Beau Dame Lingerie!
Elomi Imogen Bra Fit Elomi Imogen Bra Fitting 1
Upon trying this for the first time, I wasn’t aware that the bra was of the minimiser variety, and wondered why my boobs looked so small! The bra is a 40DD with underwiring, non-stretch cups and a floral embroidery. I chose this design in particular as I find it so hard to find ‘nude’ish coloured bras and this seems to be the closest one to mine, plus the gorgeous detailing!
The fit is pretty snug at the straps and the middle of the bra fits snugly against my breast bone, ensuring good support. Unlike some others, I’m quite a big fan of big straps and back straps as I feel it makes me more secure – these straps are on the cusp of thick and while not as thick as I normally like, I feel adequately supported. In future I may opt for a bigger band size however as the full cup sorta looks like a balconette on me – look at all the cleavage! Not that i’m complaining, but as you can see on my right boob-age area, I have some minor side boob-spillage going on which normally means the band is a tad too tight. The cups do look quite small for my boobs, however I would probably say that they are the closest in terms of fit as E cups are far too big for me.
Elomi Imogen Bra Fit Side view
From the side, my bust looks about 2 sizes smaller and is great for when I wear body con dresses or button-up tops as I can actually do them up now! Overall, it’s a great every day bra that provides great support and I love the design! I’d have gone for a larger band for a more comfortable fit and to prevent the side spillage, but i’d definately recommend this bra.
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*PR sample. As always, views are my own!

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