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Lately i’ve found myself creating more and more personal content about confidence, self esteem and body image and mental health and so I thought with my latest video on being fat and being confident now up on Youtube (want to subscribe?), I’d list all of my recent blog posts and videos in one post to make it easier for myself and others to refer back to.
I’ve found that creating this sort of content has been very cathartic for me and I’m hoping that it helps you out too in some way! Below is my most recent video where I’m talking about how to be confident while fat. I hope you enjoy! Remember to click the “read more” tab for more content of this nature.

My Story – Bullying, Depression & Overcoming it

Body Image & Confidence

Lack of Ethnic Minorities within Blogging and Media

Blog Posts
You Deserve | In this blog post I talk about being worthy and deserving of love, regardless of your size
Embracement | This blog post talks about embracing my lumps and curves and not being afraid to show it off.
Free Your Mind & The Rest Will Follow | A post about letting things go and freeing your mind.
Blackness & Mental Health | My story of suffering from depression and how mental illness is perceived within the Afro-Caribbean community.
How Diverse Is Diverse? | This post explores the general underrepresentation of ethnic models and bloggers within the plus size community.

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