I Go Hard.

ASOS Mesh 8

If you’re a fellow Bey fan you’ll be able to recognize and appreciate the title of this post as one of the lyrics to her awesome recent track, ‘Formation’. A track which really needs to be played out loud while I do my shoots as it just gets me in such a fierce and, for want of a better word, ‘sassy’ mood.
The other day I felt “sassy”, but I wanted to also feel comfortable so I donned my favourite ASOS Jersey Peg Leg Trousers and this Spotted Mesh T-shirt which is also from ASOS Curve. Now obviously you can choose to wear this however you’d like, with say, a camisole or boob tube. However I’m very much a ‘go hard or go home’ kinda gal so I went with nowt underneath. I sized up with this T-shirt as I fully intend to wear it as a bikini cover-up at some point this year and also I just wanted it to look baggy tbh.
ASOS Mesh 6
ASOS Mesh 4
ASOS Mesh 3
ASOS Mesh 7
ASOS Mesh 9
I’ve been feeling mesh a lot these days. I feel a lot more comfortable showing off my body this way; it’s not brave and neither is it daring. It always annoys me when the media or public describe fat people wearing semi-revealing or revealing clothing as “daring”. Why? Because I dare wear an outfit that show my curves? Being brave goes far beyond going against societal expectations. There are people out there who risk their lives every day doing labour intensive jobs or something similar. Me showing a bit of belly isn’t brave. It’s normal. Embrace it.

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