The One Time I Don't Mind Smelling like a Mojito in the Morning…


There are two body wash scents that I absolutely love and cannot get enough of: nut butters (coconut/shea/almond) and fruity scents. I tend to use fruity body washes in the morning to wake me up and give me an extra spring in my step, while the comforting, earthy scents of the nut butters prepare me for a great night’s sleep as well as being uber moisturising.
I came across the Sugar Crush Body Wash by Soap & Glory a couple of weeks ago and while it doesn’t conform to my usual preferences of being organic/natural, the scent is just absolutely incredible. The body wash is marketed as follows:

An energizing, revitalizing fresh and foamy body wash scented with freshly squeezed lime. Also featuring COOLCAPSULETMX to cool and refresh, radiance boosting kiwi water juice and our super creamy M-SUDSTM moisture boosting base with skin conditioners.

Now, I have no idea what “COOLCAPSULETMX” is and there is no definition of this secret ingredient to be found online which is quite suspicious. I’m also unaware of what M-SUDSTM is and again, no sign of what it means online. We’re living in a time where people are a lot more aware and wary of the the ingredients that are being used in products and in the interests of transparency, it would have been good for Soap & Glory to at least try and explain what these ingredients mean and the benefits they have on the skin.
Equally, let’s be honest. Pure ingredient lovers aren’t the target market for Soap & Glory. I believe they aim their products towards teenagers and people who aren’t that bothered about whether a product contains skin-loving ingredients. You kinda get what you pay for with this, and what you get is strong foaming action (on account of the chemicals) and whether real or imitated via chemicals, an extremely strong lime scent which truth be told, smells amazing and reminds me of  a freshly brewed mojito.
Do I feel fresh after using this? Yes. Is the price point good? I guess. Is the scent invigorating? Yep. Do I feel moisturised? Not really.
As I’ve said before, it does what it says on the tin but if you’re looking for something with skin friendly ingredients, I’d give this a miss. Unless you want to smell like a mojito, then I say get it!

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