Now I don’t know about you guys, but receiving food as a gift is always a win for me. If you’re looking for a tailored and unique gift to give to that family member or mate who loves their food, the Degustabox may just be for you.
I came across the monthly subscription box last month after reading a blog review and decided to get one for myself to see how it fared and tbh, I’m pretty impressed. Basically once you sign up, you state your dietary preferences and the types of foods you like, after which they send you a personalised box full of well known and independent food brands for you to try out. You receive anything from 10 to 15 products that contain either brand new flavours of food, or foods that are hard to find within the UK.
In November’s box (which has…since been devoured mercilessly), we received quite a few items which was pretty cool considering the £5.99 introductory price, which is pretty awesome. As much as I would love to tell you what we received, I can’t remember all the items off the top of my head but luckily, the website has a handy section where you can see what appears in each box if you were considering buying.
You have the option to buy the box as a gift in batches of either one, three or 6 months’ worth of subscriptions along with free shipping.
degusta-5 degusta-box-4
The boxes are £12,99 a month; not bad considering you can receive loads of non-perishable items that can be stored for a while too. All products are full size and you can even receive multi-packs in some cases. I’m going to keep my subscription going for a couple more months to see what else pops along, but in any case I think it makes a wonderful gift if you’re looking to try out some new and novelty items!
The Degustabox is available here and if you use code STEPHANIEY-8429, you get your first box for only £5.99! This isn’t a paid-for or sponsored post btw, I just bloody love the box lads. Give it a go!

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