Lads; it’s not every day we have to dress up right? Sometimes we want to relax and in my case, my dress-down-outfit-of-choice is a good old solid sweatsuit. Quick history: during Secondary school, I was the biggest tomboy known to man. There wasn’t a day that would go past where you wouldn’t see me in a Nike, Akademiks or an Avirex trackie and I absolutely adored them. I was also a huge fan of Aaliyah (RIP) who in turn wore tracksuits for the majority of her career and thus wanted to emulate her style in every way (including that side bang).
Even though my style has changed through age, I still tend to rock tracksuits from time to time. They are just so comfortable and easy to run around in when doing errands. They are also versatile pieces that you can include into your every day outfit without it looking uber casual. How about pairing a pair of neutral toned slim-fit jogging bottoms with some strappy heels and a chunky knit jumper? Or what about donning a hoodie with a white wifebeater and denim shorts and low-rise trainers? Another option is a sleeveless body with an Adidas popper tracksuit pant and heels a-la Kim Kardashian. The options are endless tbh and it’s all about having fun and mixing and matching trends!

Plus Codi Rib Panneled Sweat Top c/o Pink Clove // Plus Trina Panneled Jogger c/o Pink Clove // Black Eagle Embroidered Backpack c/o River Island // Vans Trainers Office



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