Living in London is cool but it has it’s negatives, with one of them being the lack of storage space in flats! As someone who has to put up with this a lot, I often try and purchase pieces that have a lot of wear and versatility to them; pieces that can be worn at the work place as well as down the pub or up the park for a picnic.
Workwear can get even more complicated when you’re plus sized, as it seems that there is a specific ‘look’ that brands seem to shove at us when it comes to this section: normally wide legged pants, ill-fitting blazers, ‘SMOCKS’ (shivers) and tube skirts. It’s all good in the hood if that’s how you like to roll, but for me, I would never want to compromise my personal style for the sake of boring workwear. Below I’m going to talk about the look I’m wearing here and how I switch it up casually!
So far I’ve been getting a lot of usage from this lovely warm yellow knit jumper from ASOS Curve; jumpers are incredibly easy to style up or down and when at work, I’d normally pair it with my boyfriend jeans and a pair of converses, or with some sleek black cigarette pants and a pair of loafers. Roll up the sleeves too to add more ‘female-bossiness’ to the outfit.
A shirt is a workwear wardrobe staple: you can either wear it on it’s own, or do like I did and layer it underneath another piece. Here, I’m layering another ASOS beauty (which has unfortunately sold out, but is worthy of its own blog post tbh) underneath the jumper. The shirt is cut in a boyfriend style, which means it’s quite baggy and loose fitting. These styles look great tucked into culottes, or with cigarette trousers but if you’re a wacko like me and want to switch it up casually, you can forego pants and just rock the shirt barelegged tbh.
I’ve teamed the outfit with my camel coat of dreams; the Samoon coat from Navabi (which is currently on sale!) and some white hi-tops for comfort. This, I feel is a strong look; carrying you through work and then a ditch of the trousers in the evening to have bants with mates. You’ll be saving up wardrobe space in no time!

Cable Knit Yellow Sweater // Boyfriend shirt (similar) // Samoon Camel Coat* // Converse


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