It’s so rare that I get to do ‘location shoots’ for my outfits as I tend to just take them on a road outside my house, so while taking a trip to Dulwich Village for lunch, I decided to pack up my camera *just in case* and boy am I glad I did! Dulwich is a beautiful part of the world and I’m lucky to live so close to it; I’ll definitely be taking more trips there for photos tbh.
There’s something about this outfit that screams European vintage chic to me. It may be the monochrome, the flat shoes, the coat or all three but I just feel like I would totally fit in walking down the Champs-Elysees, just feeling like old money. The Elvi Airtex Mono Midi Skirt and Mono Box Top are absolutely stunning apart, but together form the ultimate statement outfit. So statement in fact, that I didn’t really need to jazz it up with anything – I let the pieces do the talking.
I decided to pair the piece with my camel coat of the season from Navabi, and to show you how the look could be transformed, I paired it with a couple of different shoes too. The look with the sandals and tucked in top would be a gorgeous look for drinks after work or to a special event such as a wedding or Christening. The look with the flat shoes would be awesome for work or on a day out with bae. The chevron pattern is eye-catching and unlike anything i’ve ever owned before; absolutely stunning! Pair with a black turtleneck top if looking for something a bit more subtle for work, or with a pink coat if you’re wanting something a bit more eye-catching!

Elvi Airtex Mono Midi Skirt* // Elvi airtex Box Top* // Samoon Camel Coat* // Flat Shoes

Elvi Close Up
Elvi Co Ord Double
Evli Co Ord 5
Elvi Part 2
elvi double

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