ASOS Jumpsuit
Hey everyone! It feels like a long time since i’ve posted on here *kicks away tumbleweed*. What with me being uber busy lately with my new job and such, it sure feels nice to finally reserve some time to doing what I love.
Please excuse my lack of pictures on this occasion; I was running late on my way to meet the lovely Leah from Beauty & The Muse and made a last minute decision to snap a few photos of this lewk.
You guys know I love a good all-in-one; whether it’s a playsuit, jumpsuit or a smooth dungaree, I’m always here for it. Playsuits are incredibly comfortable, easy to accessorise around and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I spotted this white linen casual jumpsuit on ASOS Curve a few weeks ago (still on sale, might I just add!) and knew I needed to have it as I seldom own anything white. As a fellow fat, we are often advised against going towards certain colours for fear they may make us look bigger.
And? So? Balls to that I say.
At the end of the day, when you leave your house, everyone’s going to see and acknowledge your fatness, regardless of what colour you’re wearing as your physicality is the first thing people see. If that is the case, you may as well have fun with what you’re wearing and to let the kids know you’ve arrived and you’re here to slay, right?
I saw the jumpsuit on the site and it instantly gave me a ‘crime scene investigator/1996 hip hop video/janitorial staff’ vibe and so I paired it with some white Converse Hi-tops and my favourite Leopard Print overcoat by River Island Plus, which I added to throw a bit of colour into the outfit.
Style notes: I had to size down with this piece as it was the only size (at the time) they had. The bottoms are rather baggy around the thigh area, but I quite like it as it feeds into the whole utility look. The top is quite fitted, yet comfortable to move around in and is also sleeveless. The majority of the outfit is made out of linen, however it’s not that stiff, itchy shite you normally find, this is quite fluid to move about in and really roomy.
asos jumpsuit single
ASOS Jumpsuit Close
Unfortunately,the photos don’t show the button detail down the front, but I love the V-neck cut and the linen material makes this perfect for Summer! I will definitely be taking this baby with me to Ghana in a couple of months.
A couple of tips to wearing/styling jumpsuits:

  • If you’re dark skinned and wish to wear an all white piece, I find either pairing it with gold accessories or none at all does the trick. Gold goes so beautifully with white and practically glows against black skin, or you can do like me and not wear any accessories at all. White is such a glowing contrast to our skin that at times, no accessories are needed.
  • Bear in mind your sizing, especially if you are bigger on the top than on the bottom like myself. When in doubt, you always want to go for the larger size as there’s nothing worse than buying a jumpsuit that fits your torso perfectly but can barely fit over your legs and vice versa!
  • Add a statement belt to a solid coloured jumpsuit if you’re going for an evening glam look.
  • If you have a sleeveless jumpsuit and it’s cold, simply pair it with a long sleeved poloneck jumper – proper classy.

Casual Jumpsuit  // River Island Plus  // White Converse

ASOS Jumpsuit close up again
ASOS Jumpsuit Kneeling

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