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*Cracks knuckles*
Man oh man it feels so good to be doing beauty posts again, I tell ya!  I’ve been a bit quiet on the makeup front recently and during that time, I have accumulated a few new makeup purchases that I have been meaning to review for ages.
So a few months ago, I came across the NYX Lip Lingerie range and it piqued my interest as it is a collection made up entirely of *nude* colours. Now I’ve always had issues with beige shades being called ‘nude’, as 9 out of 10 times these ‘nudes’ are only suitable for white/lighter skin tones. I did side-eye the majority of the collection when I first saw it, thinking that none of these shades will suit my chocolatey skin tone, HOWEVER, I did come across a swatch of this shade ‘Beauty Mark’ and decided to give it a go.
NYX Lip Lingerie 2
NYZ Lip Lingerie 3
At this point, I’d like to point out that for some reason the product photographs a LOT pinker than it is in real life. It may be due to the lighting, however, I tried to photograph the product as natural as possible.
The Lip Lingerie range consists of 24 beige liquid lipsticks that dry to a matte finish. The range is supposed to consist of different shades to suit all skin tones, unfortunately, I think only 12-14 shades are available in the UK for us to choose from as opposed to the full range available in the States. Beauty Mark is described by NYX as a chocolate brown and judging by the swatches I’d seen online (admittedly only on white consumers), I thought the shade would be dark enough for me to rock as a true nude.
So the product arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to note that the entire bottle was full with the product, right to the top – I say this as I know some brands purposely (AND ALLEGEDLY) don’t fill the bottle to the brim with their product *ahem Kylie lip kits cough*.
Upon swatching on my hand, I noted that the shade was a very cool-toned chocolate brown. Interesting. As someone with warm undertones, I know that cool-toned lip shades don’t always look the best on me, but I thought to give it the benefit of the doubt and just see where we end up. One thing that i don’t like about the product, however, is the applicator.  I love a good doe-foot. Truely, I do, but this applicator is quite long and doesn’t have a sufficient surface area at the tip for me to get a good accurate spread on my lips. This may not be a big deal to the majority of you guys, but applicator shapes have always been a bit of an obsession of mine. ANYHOO, onto the swatch:
ANYHOO, onto the swatch:
NYX Lip Lingerie Beauty Mark Swatch


I’d like to reiterate that the camera has not photographed the true tone of this shade – again I believe due to the lighting. In this photo, the shade looks almost pink, right? In real life, however, it completely blends in with my skin tone…like completely. Almost to the point where you cannot even see my lips. It’s just a shame that I couldn’t get a good photo of it!
The shade is definitely one that I would class as a ‘true’ nude; Almost too true. What this shade needs is a good dark lipliner such as Nightmoth or Burgundy by MAC to provide a bit of depth and dimension. I think that is how I will wear this lippie in future tbh.
Consistency-wise, it’s a lovely texture that glides on the lips with ease and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky at all. It takes a good 5 minutes to completely set, however, when it does set, it doesn’t go anywhere for at least a good 4 hours or so.
Overall I think it’s a lovely colour and it’s always a good thing when we get a new shade that can be worn by darker skinned ladies. I wish we could get the complete range in the UK as I have spied a few colours that I would love to try, but here’s hoping huh?
The NYX Lip Lingerie range is available nationwide and at ASOS here!

What do you guys think?


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