Nope, this post isn’t about the dumpster fire between L’Oreal and the amazing Munroe Bergdorf, although a post on that will be coming later.
I wasn’t planning to write this, to be honest. I wasn’t planning to post anything this week. In the interests of having a platform which includes speaking about, and being open about mental health, however, I thought it would be cathartic for me to write and also, in turn, be beneficial for one of you lot out there.
Now as a few of you may know, the last 7 months have been quite awful for me emotionally. It feels as if I am just teetering on the edge of drowning and that I am doing my best to stay afloat (#DepressionAmIRite?). The last 10 days, in particular, have been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s been days of low confidence, feeling unworthy, and not feeling secure in my body because of the rejection/opinions of those I thought loved me.
A couple of days ago, I woke up and I thought to myself, ‘nah’.

Try not to allow the opinions of others to put a dampener on your self-worth

As hard as this may be, it’s important to try not to let the opinions of those make you feel any less of a person. In my case, I realised that I did not go through almost 15 years of battling my insecurity to be made to feel small again. It’s important to note that the negative opinions of others say a lot more about them and their insecurities than you. People will try and blame their shortcomings and their frustrations on you, but you have to keep in mind that you have done absolutely nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong with you and continue to live unapologetically.

Make a list of all the amazing things about you.

Whenever you’re feeling low or down about anything, in particular, I always find that it’s good to make a list of all the positive things about you, either physically or personality wise. In the interests of sharing, I’ll show you mine:

  • I am confident
  • I am cute
  • I’m playful
  • I’ve got all the bant
  • I am intelligent
  • I am funny
  • I am kind
  • I am tolerant
  • I’m a bit of a big kid
  • I am caring
  • I am patient
  • My love will always be unconditional
  • I love to help people be the best versions of them they can be
  • I have nice shaped eyes
  • I like my mushroom nose
  • I like my small ears and full lips
  • I love my legs and tummy
  • I am an AMAZING girlfriend
  • I’m flexible (lmao just thought I’d add it in tbh)
  • I’m spontaneous

Read your list aloud to yourself every day and little by little, you’ll begin to rediscover your self-worth.

Do things to make yourself feel good

Whether it’s reading, writing, buying makeup or walking around the house in lingerie, do it. Keep doing it.

With me this week, my main issue was being made to feel like my body wasn’t good enough, so I decided to purchase some underwear that I’d wanted for the LONGEST time from Scantilly by Curvy Kate via Simply Be and just chill in it for the day. I purchased the full set and just walked around at home in it, catching myself staring every time I walked past a mirror. I’d stare and stare and think about how amazing I looked. I’m so in love with this set and every time I wear it, it boosts my confidence tenfold. In it I feel confident, I feel sexy and I feel invincible. I think about the people who’ll probably never get to experience all of this awesomeness in 3D due to their wrong decisions, even though I want them to.  NEVER underestimate a good set of underwear!

Talk that talk

With me, I sometimes tend to talk to a few different people at a time in order to gain different perspectives on things, however, sometimes it can be quite muddy with 50% of people telling you one thing and 50% of people saying you should feel another thing. If all else fails, try and see you can reach out to a counsellor, the sooner the better. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk to your heart’s content and to let someone else try and figure out your emotions. As a Christian, I talk to God a LOT and I find that really helps, however, I do see someone within a professional capacity too as it is important.
So the above are just a few small things you can do if you feel like you are hitting the wall when it comes to doubting your self-worth. These are all steps that I am actively trying to follow too so we are all in this together!
What steps do you take when you’re feeling down?

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