As a person who does blog things, you’re often told about the importance of creating ‘SEO-friendly’ titles: to use phrases and keywords most relatable to what people are searching for on the innanets.
Well not in this post my friends.
Winter really is a messy bitch who lives for drama, and she actually thought she could bring her raggedy ass over here and have me wearing cardigans and woolly knits? No, ma’am. Not today. Like I stated in my previous post, I’m clinging on to all my summer friendly pieces for as long as I possibly can because I’m still in a summer #mood.
Speaking of moods, this year has been a funny one for me. It’s been a year of rediscovering myself, attempting to do things that make me feel good and all that jazz and throughout this whole process, I’ve realised that somehow – where my personal style is concerned anyway – I’ve developed a taste for the finer things: Vinyl. PVC. Leather. More mesh. Steph WYD?


Maybe it’s a psychological thing. Maybe it ties in with me rediscovering my confidence, wanting to adorn myself in fabrics that make me feel hella confident and edgy, but all I know is that I’m in a dangerous mood lads, and it isn’t going anywhere soon *Millhouse eyebrow shuffle*.
Cut to me wearing this delightful PVC bralette in the throes of bad weather (plus an oversized winter coat because I’m not a monster gosh guise). The bralette offers absolutely no support whatsoever, but it’s pretty and shiny and therefore, I needed it. The tweed trousers offer an air of structured sophistication to the look. I also wore them for a fabulous Buzzfeed feature earlier this month – see how I styled them!
The shoes? They’re fun (and on sale for £19 at the moment!)
As you can see, this look is very much a ‘business on the bottom, party on the top’ type affair – a mood.

Oversized Coatc/o Evans // PVC BraletteBoohoo // Tweed Trousersc/o Elvi // ShoesASOS


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