As much as I love a good dress, I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘glam’ kinda gal. The big coat, the sequins, the strappy shoes; it’s never really been part of my ‘Steph aesthetic’, but I won’t lie – dressed in this I feel ready to go and finesse someone’s 90 year old Uncle for all his money, only to find my future ex-husband at his funeral. Honestly, truly.
Joanne the Scammer is such a personal icon to me (hence the title of this post; one of her many famous quotes) and I thought it high time I do some kind of tribute post to her. She’s always been about securing the bag, regardless of the obstacles that face her. She’s fearless, hilarious and a true Queen. A teacher. A scammer. An icon. A muse and a mood.

Now, if scamming isn’t up your street, you can also totally wear this look for one of the many upcoming Christmas parties coming up within the next couple of weeks. This whole look is courtesy of In the Style Curve and I am living for this Jazel cream fluffy coat that is warm AF. It almost looks like a teddy bear coat, and I know how in demand those coats are, so if you’re looking for an awesome alternative, In the Style has your back.
Let the scamming commence!

Madeline Gold Sequin Dress // Jazel Cream Coat


Photography by Sarah Ellen Treacher

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