If you’ve been a long time reader of Nerd about Town, you’ll know that I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with mesh material, and try to incorporate it into most of my outfits. Second only to crop tops, mesh to me has always been one of those fabrics that have always been sort of ‘taboo’ for plus size women. How DARE we show our midriffs or a sliver of skin? How dare we try and wear the same kinds of clothes that ‘normal’ sizes wear?

Pfft! Screw it I say. At the last count, I had over 12 items that incorporate some time of mesh material; from bodies and t-shirts, to leggings and dresses; you name it, I have it. That was until I spotted this gorgeous oversized mesh jumper from Pretty Little Thing’s plus size line. Now I’ve always loved an oversized sweater; you can’t really go wrong with a comfy, chunky garment with oversized sleeves. The mesh panel around the neckline really brings the piece together and turns a casual, simple jumper into something a bit more chic.

The only ‘oversized’ things about this jumper, however, are the sleeves. The main body of the jumper is quite fitted so I’d suggest sizing up by one size. I paired the jumper with my fave bum bag of the moment and some Vans creps; a mood and an aesthetic.

Oversized Mesh Jumper* // Vans // Bum Bag // Socks // Sunglasses

Photography by Kaye Ford

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