An Advent Calendar with a Sexy Twist…

When we think of advent calendars, we normally conjure up images of chocolates, savoury treats and even beauty and skincare mini-products. But what about a lingerie-inspired advent calendar? When I heard about the Lovehoney Lingerie advent calendar, my first thought was ‘WHY DON’T I HAVE A MAN FFS?!’

BABY when I tell you that the treats hidden behind these boxes are *hawwt* as hell?! Hidden behind 12 boxes are 12 individual pieces of lingerie ranging from full bodysuits and bras, to stockings and other…entrapments. The calendar is available in straight sizes and a plus size range covers sizes 18-24. I can say with ease that this sets within the calendar could easily fit up to a size 28 which is awesome, as a lot of the material is lycra-based. If you are looking for a different kind of advent calendar that you can enjoy either on your own or with your partner, I would definitely recommend this one. The contents inside are worth £170 in total, with the calendar costing £85.


This is such an awesome gift to give to a friend or partner, and the outfits are just….so wild and so fun and so sexy and…hang on (logs into OKCupid…)


Lovehoney 12 Nights of Seduction Advent Calendar (Queen/Plus size) available here!

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