I’d like to apologise in advance if this post seems a bit scatty and all over the place. While typing, I am also trying to edit the accompanying video for IG and cook what would normally be an incredible spaghetti &  turkey meatball combo, which seems to be diminishing in its incredible-ness as I type.

But hey. We move. I’m here! With actual excuses as to why it’s taken me a few weeks in between blog posts. Well lads, a lot’s been going on tbh. I’ve moved! I have my own place. My own nest! My own safe space. It’s happened, and there is a lot of excitement going around. I’m going to keep this short and sweet (and really just as a shelter for links, if anyone was interested in picking any of the featured bits up) as the rest of the content will be on my IGTV and ‘interiors’ highlight!

I guess the theme of my apartment is ‘me’. You’ll find loads of photos and drawings of myself littered around the place. Why? Because celebrating me is one of my favourite hobbies ok? It’s almost like a personal shrine to Steph, with some Art-Deco-inspired pieces thrown in for good measure.


Resin Toothbrush Holder // Resin Lotion Dispenser (which I’m using for soap)

Bedside Table // Candle // Lamp // Duvet Covers (Primark) // Mirror // Cushion covers (both H&M) /

Desk // Floor Lamp // Shelving unit // Yukka Plant // Print and frame on the right

Beauty organiser

Clock // Cushions (H&M Home) // Coffee Table // Mirrored tray //

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