All Hail The T-Shirt Dress!

8th August 2019

Oh hai lads, it’s been a while what with bits and bobs happening over the summer but I’m BACK with hashtag CONTENT for you all, and I thought I’d start off with one of my most worn trends over the last three months or so: the humble T-shirt dress. So simple. So easy to wear. […]

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A Pop of Pink

7th July 2019

It’s so weird. As a child/teenager, I absolutely hated the colour pink. I grew up a bit of a tomboy you see, and have never really thought of myself as a ‘girly girl’ so to speak. While I had the dolls and the barbies and the Polly Pockets, I always made sure to surround myself […]

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The Fire Hydrant.

14th June 2019

  Francesca made her way towards the ancient, art-deco looking building in Monument, right next to her old local stomping ground, the quiet garden in St.Dunstan in the East. She hadn’t been anticipating another job for a few months, considering the traumatic and almost fatal mission she had been a part of months before. Why […]

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20 Thoughts Every Person Has When They Go Freelance

2nd April 2019

This month officially makes it 5 months of me freelancing, and I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much of a roller coaster it  has been! Even though my dream has always been to work for myself and always knew that there would be a degree of hustling involved, nothing has really prepared […]

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Hot Shots! Shooting Photos in Public

21st January 2019

Hey guys! So I’ve been wanting to create this post for the longest time but…life kept getting in the way as it normally does. I thought it would be cool to talk about shooting photos in public, either as an influencer or non-influencer, and ways in which you can gain the confidence to do so. […]

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I Got the Juice

10th January 2019

Fun fact: I’ve actually never watched Beetlejuice. I only know of it because of *intense popular culture* and memes, but I always knew that I wanted the famous monochrome striped suit that Beetlejuice (or Betelgeuse as Wikipedia keeps telling me) wore in the movie. Teamed with the bra, It’s such a fricking ‘MEWD’ am I […]

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Why You Don’t Always Need to Stick to Your Clothing Size

4th January 2019

When you’re fat, clothing labels inadvertently end up becoming a huge part of our identity because of how restrictive fashion is when it comes to extended sizes. We loiter around the interwebs of our favourite fashion and plus size fashion retailers waiting with baited breath to see if our favourite pieces will be re-released in […]

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