The Plus Size Autumn Pieces You Need Now

23rd September 2018

Alright lads, we’ve finally arrived at my absolute favourite season of them all; Autumn (or Fall, for my US friends!). Early nights, windy mornings, Fashion Week, a legit reason to down 8 mugs of hot chocolate a day, layering outfits and NEUTRAL TONES! I didn’t attend London Fashion Week this season (partly due to my […]

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Self Portraits of Me Wearing Karl Kani

29th August 2018

Yes, I wanted to make the title simple and straight to the point. I went home last week for the bank holidays and realised that I wanted to take a few photos of some outfits that I had taken. After trying to fit my DSLR and 3 lenses into an already heaving suitcase with no […]

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1st August 2018

I know that the content on my blog has been a bit ‘serious’ lately, so to counter that I thought I’d create something a bit fun! I likes to have fun with fashion every once in a while, and with this post I thought I’d set myself a little challenge which was to look up […]

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Why We Build Emotional Walls.

30th July 2018

*Building walls/construction – you see how I tied in my photos with today’s subject? #CONTENT* Your walls are high because you’ve learned the hard way that you shouldn’t trust anyone who tells you what you want to hear. You shouldn’t believe anything they hear unless they can prove it. You shouldn’t imagine a relationship with […]

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The Ends.

19th July 2018

I’m what you call a ‘native South Londoner’. I was born in a South London hospital. Grew up in Battersea. Went to primary and secondary schools in South London. Moved to Croydon. Attended a College in South London. Went to a University in South London. Moved out to Denmark Hill. Moved again to West Norwood, […]

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Passing on Body Values to my Children

6th July 2018

Before you start getting excited, no I am NOT pregnant lmao. I thought I’d chat a bit about the body values I inherited as a child, and what I would want to hopefully pass down to my kids, If I should ever have them (chances are looking pretty slim at the moment, but we live […]

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Summer-ready Plus Sized Lingerie – Sorted.

23rd June 2018

It’s Summer guys! Now I don’t know about you lot, but once the weather starts heating up, I absolutely LOATHE wearing any kind of underwear with hints of underwire, or unnecessary straps, fastenings or belts. Unless I’m going ‘out’ out, to work, or on a date (a rarity), you’ll normally see me kitted out in either […]

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21st June 2018

Imposter syndrome: a psychological pattern in which people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalised fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. How many of us have felt like the above at some point in their lives, but didn’t know that there was an official name for it? *waves hand*.  Imposter Syndrome is feeling like you’re […]

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29th May 2018

I talk a lot about self-love, confidence and living your best life on here and that’s all good when trying to get OTHERS to love themselves, however, when it comes to me, the path is not so linear. When I often speak with my readers about the struggles they face and the confidence issues they […]

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