Dissociative Identity Disorder and Me.

1st February 2021

If I had a pound for every time I had tried to start this post only to end up deleting it straight after, I would be a millionaire by now, sunning it up/self-isolating in Bora Bora with a string of Paramours, getting my back broken by a different lover every night but I digress (hey…hey. […]

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Body Confidence: A Temperamental Thing.

10th November 2020

We are currently within the throes of Lockdown Part Deux, although you wouldn’t really know it due to the amount of hustle and bustle (and open sit-in restaurants and cafes!!!) I’ve been seeing outside over the last few days. Although not as intense as Lockdown I, there is a stillness this time round that – […]

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We Move.

23rd October 2020

I want to preface this by making it clear that this is not an official statement of any kind, but merely a reflective exploration and decanting of my thoughts and feelings during this time. I feel it’s important for me to process what’s been happening of late, and where better to do it but on […]

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A Period of Reflection.

27th August 2020

As I opened up my laptop browser to write this, I gave one of the biggest exhales I’ve ever given in my life. It’s been a very long while since I’ve been able to journal my thoughts on this here blog, due to a lot of life things getting in the way. It almost feels […]

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A Bitter Truth

14th July 2020

I’ve been umming and ahhing about writing this post, as I was unsure as to how it would come across to the masses, due to the nature of the content and such, but as I sit here trying not to let the sadness wash over me, I feel compelled to journal the inner turmoil and […]

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‘FAT’ is NOT a bad word.

14th June 2020

In the early hours of this morning, something really interesting happened. At around 12:30 am, as I was undertaking my nightly Tik Tok scroll to catch a few laughs before bed, I noticed that my friend Sofie had tagged me in a Tik Tok post featuring my ICON Lizzo. As I watched the video, I […]

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Navigating Sustainability When You’re Plus Size

14th March 2020

In the last few years, we’ve seen sustainability become somewhat of a new ‘buzzword’. Brands from the worlds of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and home are beginning to try and take more ethical responsibility with how they produce products and pieces and within fashion. We are seeing more and more people turning towards sustainable clothing in […]

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It’s OK to Want to Be Loved.

4th February 2020

Valentines’ Day is officially 10 days away and it’s around this time that we start becoming inundated with social media posts filled with happily loved up couples going on holiday, having dinner or being proposed to (cue the ‘Boy’s done good’ captions), brands reposting love-related memes, and absolutely incredible price surges for chocolates and flowers. […]

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Fattily Ever After.

17th January 2020

So I did it guys. Went and wrote a whole book didn’t I?? In case you were wondering why it had been a bit quiet on the blog lately, it’s because THIS is what I’ve been doing for the last 3 months or so. Guys I am so incredibly excited to share this with you […]

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