Turning 30…A Three Month Update

31st August 2019

So I mean…it’s okay?? While still in my twenties (wowow feels weird to say), I often remonstrated the fact that I was due to turn 30 soon. Did this mean I needed anti-aging products now? Had I checked off everything on the ‘to-do’ list I created when I was 15? Why was I not yet […]

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What Is The Truth?

15th August 2019

Below is a blog post I wrote around 2am this morning after mulling over some sad thoughts and recent events in the back of a cab minutes beforehand. It’s an ongoing, random, sad stream of consciousness which is probably why it doesn’t make much sense and reads as incredibly disjointed, frantic and slightly manic if […]

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15th April 2019

Introducing my new e-guide: SPUNK. Spunk. Chutzpah. Balls. Courage. Confidence. All these things to a degree, mean the same thing. I obviously chose the funny one because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t innit?! I’m so excited to be releasing my brand new e-guide SPUNK, as it’s been a few months in the making. I […]

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20 Thoughts Every Person Has When They Go Freelance

2nd April 2019

This month officially makes it 5 months of me freelancing, and I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much of a roller coaster it  has been! Even though my dream has always been to work for myself and always knew that there would be a degree of hustling involved, nothing has really prepared […]

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11 Years

1st February 2019

11 years. I’ve been ranting and raving in my little corner of the internet for 11 years. Wowowowow. I should almost consider myself a veteran in the game to be honest. I remember starting my blog (which was called something ridiculous at the time) on the 31st of January 2008 while I was in University. […]

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I Got the Juice

10th January 2019

Fun fact: I’ve actually never watched Beetlejuice. I only know of it because of *intense popular culture* and memes, but I always knew that I wanted the famous monochrome striped suit that Beetlejuice (or Betelgeuse as Wikipedia keeps telling me) wore in the movie. Teamed with the bra, It’s such a fricking ‘MEWD’ am I […]

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2018: Growth, Loss & Learning to Let Go

16th December 2018

It’s currently 8:24pm on a Saturday night as I write this. I have an awful cold and really should be in bed with a cup of lemon tea and a good bit of vapour rub on my chest, but it’s been momentarily sidelined as I’ve come over with an overwhelming urge to write. I don’t […]

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Learning How To Shed Self Doubt

5th December 2018

A wise woman once said ‘this year is the year of like, realising stuff’ and damnit was she right. Before we get into it, can we just acknowledge my #FASHUN link to today’s subject? Shedding? Snakeskin? Good grief, look at my mind! Anyhoo, today I wanted to do a bit of a reflective post of […]

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