A South London Staycation at Ruby Lucy Hotel.

2nd October 2020

Oh Steph. The native South Londoner. So much so, that she even takes a staycation in South – still gotta have my creature comforts right? I decided that I needed to take a little break in the hustle and bustle that is my current book/press run, and was very kindly offered a room at the […]

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MEGA POST | My Guide to Saint Lucia

20th October 2019

I’m currently writing this post from the absolute GHETTO i.e London. It’s raining and cold, and I’m already dreaming of sipping the incredible coconut and cinnamon rum cocktails by the bar in Saint Lucia. It’s all good though, as I get to relive the past few days via this blog post, and I hope you’re […]

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A London Staycation: The Nadler Soho

1st July 2019

Tis the season to pack your suitcases, get your sandals and bikinis in order and have your boarding passes at the ready, as summer is upon us! But is it really the case anymore? While going on vacation is still very much the vibe when it comes to having a relaxing time exploring on your […]

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13th May 2019

It’s been a bit quiet on here of late, hasn’t it? Apologies for the radio silence on here. It’s been a bit hectic on the life side recently, and I’ve just returned from the Motherland and cannot wait to tell you guys all about it (albeit with the slightly size inconvenient, portrait iPhone photos). So […]

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16th June 2018

When planning my trip to Bali (see part one here!) I decided from the offset that I would stay somewhere quite luxurious, as it was my birthday trip, I deserved it and I’d never done ‘luxury’ accommodation before! It took three months of online research using Instagram hashtags, Trip Advisor and various brochures before I […]

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