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24th July 2018

I have suffered with poor eyesight since the age of 11, and since then, have been wearing glasses to help with my short-sightedness. Wearing glasses has always been my safety blanket, and to be honest I was somewhat grateful for the fact that my eyes were bad, as this meant I could hide one of […]

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14th June 2017

Hey guys! Now we all know how difficult it used to be to sometimes source wide fit shoes, however, with the increasing boom in mainstream brands like ASOS, River Island and New Look creating wide fit versions of their best sellers, we’ve never been more spoiled for choice! I’ve recently found myself splurging on hella […]

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Closet Archives: Sporty Spice

29th June 2015

One of the saddest things you can be is a 26 year old without *proper* savings, *MOPE*. In a bid to rectify this, I have decided to start budgeting like mad in an effort to feel more like a grown up. This means me not buying anything unless I absolutely need it, clothes and makeup […]

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Freedom Makeup – The Far Away Galaxy Collection

25th June 2015

You guys may already know by now, but there’s a new budget makeup brand on the scene: Freedom Makeup! Freedom Makeup is a professional makeup brand brought to you by the creators of Makeup Revolution and has a similar price point to the aforementioned. Being the lippie fiend I am, I decided to purchase their […]

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Wide Fit Shoes Now Sold On ASOS!

30th May 2015

Is that the sound of a thousand hearts rejoicing I hear? Yes my friends, the other day while perusing the shoe section on ASOS the other day, I spotted the sweet sweet words I thought I would never see on that site: wide fit shoes. This is obviously amazing news for all us wide girls […]

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