Artist Spotlight: Esmee Denters

I looooooooove this girl! Esmee Denters is an 18 (i think she’s 19 now though) year old singer from the Netherlands who, after Vlogging her singing talents on Youtube, was discovered by Justin Timberlake and is signed to his label.
I for one am really proud of Esmee, even though I don’t know her personally, i’ve been watching her Youtube videos for around two years now and it’s nice to see ordinary everyday singers which so much passion and talent being rewarded for their efforts (*see Priscilla Renae), unlike other media trained, talentless eyecandy (*See Cassie&Rihanna-Lord knows they are beautiful but they KNOW they have no business being on stage).

Anyway i can imagine that people will instantly be calling her the new Jojo, because of the whole ‘white girl with a soulful voice’ thing (speaking of which, when IS Jojo’s album coming out?! I LOVE that girl! She needsto come back) but i think they have entirely different sounds. Anyhoo check the vids below for a couple of Esmee’s songs which i Lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve:

One of her songs off her album is called Admit It. GREAT song but Youtube won’t let me embed so click here to see the vid on youtube. 🙂

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