Video Post: Beyonce- Sweet Dreams.

Here is Beyonce’s 20,00000th single off her critically aclaimed album, Sasha Fierce. I remember hearing this song last year when it was named ‘Beautiful Nightmare’. I don’t know why they changed the name but hey ho. I was really expecting an uptempo, catchy song like this to have an amazing video, but alas the recession has caught up with Sasha Fierce yet again.
I was expecting positive things when the first few seconds of the video played. I thought, ‘OK here we go! Something new!”, then the video cut to, yep you guessed it. Beyonce and her two backing dancers YET AGAIN. I’m so sick and tired of seeing those two behind her all the damn time (See: Ego, Diva). Yes, the concept worked very well in Single Ladies but be more creative Bey! Give us another Deja Vu or something! (Lord knows I love that video lol).
I must say though that there are two parts in the video that i really like; the scene at 1:30 where she does that little krump/epileptic fit dance, that was entertaining, and the last scenes where she is wearing the Thierry Mugler Female Robot outfit. Cute.

All in all, I give the video a 1/10 for originality.

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