My Review: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

This afternoon, I was fortunate enough to go to the Cinema after Uni to view this movie. It was a tough choice for me as I had the choice of either watching ‘This Is It’ by Michael J, or this. In the end I chose to watch this because of all the special effects etc AND because it was my ‘babydaddy in my head”s last movie =(
I’m glad i picked it!
While I cannot say too much about the plot, the special effects and the Cinematography were EXCEPTIONAL!!!
For those who are fans of Tim Burton’s work, I would watch this to compare the two directorial styles. The movie has a very Tim Burton-esque feel to it. Very colourful yet freaky and macabre at the same time. The plot was exceedingly HARD to follow and I felt really lost at some parts. I felt they tried to incorperate too many plot twists in the movie, which ended up leaving the plot very boring.
It’s basically about a century old Doctor (Parnassus), who makes a deal with the devil to claim 5 souls in his ‘Imaginarium'(Which is a mirror that show’s the spectators imagination and deepest desires) before the devil does. If the devil won, then he would win the Doctor’s 16 year old daughter (Lily Cole, who is in the poster above, who I by the way LOVE!!! One of my favourite Supermodels)
The plot is quite technical so I don’t think i’ll go any futher than that, but apart from the plot…the EYE CANDY!!!!! OMFG. If Orlando Bloom had been cast in the movie, I would have been in eye candy HEAVEN. Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, Jude Law AAAND Johnny Depp??? Oh they were amazing and beautiful!! So so GORGEOUS!! I couldn’t stop smiling in the theatre lmao.
Heath Ledger was amazing and it was obvious he was channelling Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for his role. His British accent was dodgy as he just ended up sounding Austrailian lol, but all in all it was great. Colin, Johnny and Jude all play Heath’s role…each time Heath fell through the magic mirror into the Imaginarium, his face would change according to his imagination so it all kinda worked out i suppose.
Johnny Depp was great! Ahhhh he looked so sexual in that movie it was unreal. He was also getting his Jack Sparrow on with hints of Willy Wonka and so it made for entertaining viewing.
All in all, i recommend the movie! Maybe it was me, being too dumb to understand the plot lmao (or maybe i was just caught up in all the EYE CANDY) but i would definately give it a try again…even if you don’t understand the movie, the eye candy will definately keep you entertained lmao.
I know I keep going on about it but they really were so gorgeous in the movie lmao sorry!
The ending was sad for me, as I realised that..this reaaaally reaaaaally is Heath Ledger’s FINAL movie…and he was such an amazing actor…I would have loved to have seen more of his work..but alas. He definately went out with a bang though in this movie!!
4 stars!

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