Skin MD Natural :Pre-Review

Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently. It’s been kinda hectic!
Okay so about a week ago, the guys at Skin MD sent me their shielding lotion to test out!
Skin MD is a lotion which uses natural products, which is perfect for me as i have sensitive skin. It promotes skin protection, thus allowing moisture to be maintained within the body and disallows any products such as cleansers and everyday toxins from harming the skin.
Skin MD also contains aloe vera which is EXTREMELY good for the skin as it is known for being ani-inflammatory and so is very good for people with Eczema and other skin problems. It also contains Chamomile and Vitamin E.  
At the moment, I am currently using it as a face and hand cream and I shall be testing it for a further week and then I will review it and the effects of it in full.
At the moment, I am really liking the lotion! I LOVE the consistency of it; I know a few bloggers who were wary of how well the product would work because it isn’t that thick, but trust me, it works. It’s unlike any lotion i’ve used before as the consistency is very…gel-like and feels exactly like a make-up primer.
It’s an extremely light lotion which may lead people to think that it will be greasy…but it is not greasy at all. As soon as I rub it into my skin, it disappears completely and you get none of the ‘shine’ other moisureisers leave when rubbed into the’s like i never applied a moisureiser in the first place!

The lotion sinks into the skin straight away, leaving the skin feeling extremely soft for a long time!
As I said before, I am still using this product, mostly on my face, so I shall be back with another review as soon as i’m done! In the meantime, please visit their websites:
For my UK people: Skin MD’s UK Website
International peeps: Worldwide Website
Have any of you used this product before? If so, do you like it?

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