Concealer Comparisons: MAC

Yesterday I bought a new concealer from MAC called ‘Select Cover-Up’ in NW 50 after I saw how well it worked on my Mother’s skintone. I normally used MAC’s Studio Finish concealer in NC50 but I didn’t like the pasty texture it gave off, so I thought i’d do a little comparison!
 I then decided to test both concealers on my tattoo.
So here is my tattoo before:

{Which I think needs to be re-tattooed 🙁 }

And this is it with the Studio Fix:

As you can see, the coverage is…meh. It’s extremely pasty on my skin and it’s very apparent where it has been applied. I had to dab on quite a bit to get enough coverage.

Here it is with the Select Cover Up:

As you can see..the coverage is near flawless! The consistency is not too watery and i only needed a minute amount to cover the whole of my tattoo. I think i’ve found my new fav concealer!

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