Two-Tone Lips

Remember back in the 90’s when women (predominantly black/latino women) had that whole two-toned lipstick thing going on where the outer shade would be darker than the inner shade? Well, the other day at work, one of my colleages was rocking this look and thus inspired me to try and replicate that look in today’s post.

For this look I used:
MAC Lipstick in ‘Cyber’
MAC lipstick in ‘Milan Mode’
and a MAC Concealer.

First off, I buffed my lips to remove any loose skin then applied the concealer and a clear gloss:

I then applied ‘Cyber’ on my top lip and around the edges of my bottom lip. I then applied ‘Milan Mode’ in the centre of my lip:

I then blended it both in and voila!

In the photo below, please excuse the random hairs on my lip. They were left over from my cheap lip brush lmao.

I really want to bring this look back in! ^_^

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