Soooooo today, I decided to be totally random and went into Superdrug and chose the brightest colour in the Rimmel Collection, which was “Shocking Pink” – A bit daring I know, but i thought i’d go for it!

Specs – “Stretch lip colour to the limit ! LIP ADDICTIVE FORMULA High-definition colour fix pigments for saturated full-bodied colour. ==> Colour has never been so concentrated ! Velvet appeal finish with Gemstone complex: soft cushion feel.”

Before i post the photo – Please IGNORE the red lipliner LOL. I literally just grabbed the first liner out of my box, as i don’t have a pink liner!

Taaadaaa! Very “Shocking” isn’t it?? It’s obviously not an “everyday” colour, but luckily, its a colour that can be built up. The photo above is showing the maximum impact lol. It states that it gives a “velvety matt finish” which i don’t think it has – If anything, it applies quite greasily (is that a word? I dunno, if it isn’t, it is now LOL)

7 / 10 !!

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