Just Give Me A Little More Space!

I  have the smallest room in the world.
Like literally, my room is so small that I have to go outside to change my mind.
Obviously having a small room comes with many disadvantages; the main one being storage! I have makeup and toiletries scattered all over the house due to this, so I finally decided that enough was enough and bought some storage drawers et al. So let me introduce you all to my new “vanity corner”, lol!
The only space I had to store the drawers were on top of my chest of drawers; it’s still pretty cramped but its better than nothing!

I ordered the Perspex drawers from MUJI. In the States, I know you can get them in sets of 3 and 5, however over here, they only come in sets of 1 and 2. I bought two sets and stacked them on top of each other. I’ll buy one more set to put my eye liners/mascaras in, but in the mean time i’ve put them in the wire holders.

1st Draw – Eye makeup
2nd Draw- Face
3rd Draw- Lipgloss and balms
4th Draw- Lipstick
Perspex drawers – MUJI
Wire Brush Holders – IKEA
Patterned Candle & Candle Bowl – IKEA
Set of 3 pebbles – Oxfam @ Wimbledon Villiage
Tea Lights – IKEA
Jewellery Rack – Forever 21

How do you store your makeup and toiletries? 

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