Review: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner by Lush.

Last week I went on a wee bit of a shopping bender at Lush, since I hadn’t been in there for THEE longest! Among the items I bought, the one i couldn’t wait to use was Ro’s Argan oil body conditioner.

The Skinny:
Ro’s Argan Body conditioner does exactly what is says on the tin:  it is a conditioner containing Argan oil and cocoa butter to name but a few ingredients and is to be used on your body after you’ve finished scrubbing up in the shower. Lush say that it leaves the skin feeling soft and “smelling like a rose bush being kissed by the first rays of the morning sun.” Gotta love Lush, lol!
The name derives from the maker of the conditioner, Rowena..and also from the fact that it also contains Rose oil..geddit? Ro’s/Rose? 😛
Use like you would a hair conditioner. Smooth on over wet body after bathing or showering, rinse off and lightly towel yourself dry.

The products comes in a 240g black recyclable pot which if you trade in 5 empty pots, Lush will give you a free face mask. Win!
At the moment, It is only available in one size priced at £15.50 and is suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans.


I’ll be honest, I bought this product out of pure curiosity. I’d never heard of a body conditioner before…AND it had Argan oil and a host of other moisturising agents? Win, win for me.
I’ve been using the conditioner for four days now and so far, I’m really pleased with it. After I finish scrubbing up, i lather a bit on, wait about 30 seconds to a minute, then scrub off. For £15 a tub, I did expect to have more product, however a little does go quite a long way and the big thing with this is that it leaves my skin so. SOFT. I woke up the next morning just rubbing my forearm like a crazy person and smiling because it was so smooth!
I would definitely recommend this for people of all skin types. It has a beautiful fragrance, absorbs into the skin easily and saves a lot of time if you’re in a morning rush and don’t have time to moisturise (although I always moisturise anyway afterwards).
It’s exceptionally creamy, it goes on like a moisturiser and washes off pretty easily, however I would suggest that first time buyers use a small sample first just to see if they like it before committing to the price.
 Almond Oil, Cypress Leaf, Brazil Nut Oil, Vanilla Pod, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Cupuacu Butter, Cocoa Butter, Goji Berry Juice, Rose Absolute, Lemon Oil.
Available in Lush stores worldwide and online here.


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